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Tosa’s Top Five Spring Date Ideas

Premier shopping. Beautifully maintained parks and green spaces. Small-town feel with big city amenities. Wauwatosa offers its residents a remarkable sense of community, but any Tosan will tell you there’s more to it than that.

Wauwatosa is home. Despite the fact that spring seems to take its time to arrive properly each and every year, Wauwatosa offers a truly diverse setting for explorers and home bodies alike. As the temperatures creep to a more comfortable place, options for spring date ideas in Wauwatosa abound.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Explore The Outdoors

Located where the old Milwaukee County insane asylum stood until the mid-1970s, the historic green space known as Asylum Woods is one you need to see to believe.

The isolated woods of oaks and aspen are just north of the Ronald McDonald House on Watertown Plank Road. It’s a great space to clear your head and reconnect in a stunning setting beloved by many in the area.

Elsewhere in Tosa is the Oak Leaf Trail, known as a treasure of the Milwaukee County Park System. Rightly so, having been voted the Best Urban Bike Trail in 2012 and 2013.

The Oak Leaf features 118 miles of multiple loops through all the major parkways and parks in the system, including several in Wauwatosa, which makes for amazing walking, hiking, and biking options.

Make it a Mystery Double Date

Just outside Tosa’s borders in Milwaukee lies a challenge suited best for four or more people. Invite your favorite couples along and see how well you can “Escape MKE,” located in Suite 314 at 3333 N. Mayfair Road.

“Clocks, locks and secret passages,” the Escape MKE website reads. “Your team of four to 10 players are locked in a fully themed room with two goals: collect the hidden asset and escape the room before time runs out!”

Plan Around Your Furry Third Wheel

Few things in life instill joy like seeing a pup experience sheer happiness. That is what happens when you take your four-legged family members to Currie Dog Park. Fairly recent expansions of the Milwaukee County facility have made it the place to be for Wauwatosa dog owners.

The park features two spaces, including one for smaller dogs, as well as wooded trails and several acres of space for dogs to run, chase and make new friends.

Spa Together at Wauwatosa Wellness Spa

Treat yourself to rest, rejuvenation and relaxation at Wauwatosa Wellness Spa, 8500 W. North Ave.

Aimed at offering only the best in wellness services, the spa features a wide variety of options, including facials and couples massages.

The couples Thai massage, for example, combines acupressure and assisted stretches that are similar to yoga. Meant to put your mind, body, and spirit at peace, it’s described as having yoga done to you.

Shop and Nosh Somewhere New

If you haven’t sampled from the array of choices at The Mayfair Collection, you’re definitely missing out.

They’ve got burgers and bloodies at AJ Bombers, saucy tacos at El Hefe, a whole nother kind of social casual dining atmosphere over at ABV Social, and some of the area’s most amazing Italian food at Pizza Man.

Whatever you’re hungry for, you’re sure to find it at The Mayfair Collection.

From premier shopping and beautifully maintained parks to that beloved small-town feel, the members of the community team at Mayfair Reserve are blessed to call Wauwatosa home.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please call (414) 453-5800 or visit us online.